MCU: Podcast Episode 1 – The Button

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We recently got the next part of the DC Rebirth mystery with the 4-part crossover with Batman and Flash 21 & 22. Check out the above audio podcast where MCU’s Brandon, Brian, and Travis discuss this crossover event. We review the event, let you know if it is worth picking up, and discuss much more!

One thing worth mentioning about this crossover event is the lenticular covers on all four issues done with Jason Fabok. See the below gallery for HD shots of the art for the lenticular covers.

This all leads to the next part of the mystery with Doomsday Clock coming out in November where Superman and Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan go head-to-head. My Comic Universe will let you know more about this once more information is released closer to November.

Let us know below in the comments what you thought about this 4-part crossover.



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