WonderCon is one of the largest and most highly anticipated comic book and pop culture conventions in the world. With its star-studded panels, exclusive merchandise, and exciting cosplay opportunities, WonderCon 2023 is set to be an unforgettable event for fans of all ages. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what to expect at WonderCon 2023 and how to prepare for the convention of the year with our ultimate comic convention tips.

What is WonderCon?

WonderCon is an annual comic book and pop culture convention held in various cities across the United States. It’s run by the same team behind the iconic San Diego Comic-Con. It is also considered to be one of the best comic book conventions in the world.

At WonderCon, attendees can expect to see a wide variety of panels, screenings, and exclusive merchandise from their favorite comics, movies, TV shows, and video games. The convention is also well-known for its cosplay scene. With fans showing off their best costumes and competing in cosplay contests.

When and Where is WonderCon 2023?

WonderCon 2023 will be held on March 24-26, 2023, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. This venue has been the home of WonderCon for several years. It offers plenty of space for panels, exhibitions, and cosplay events.

Preparing for WonderCon

If you’re planning on attending WonderCon 2023, there are a few things you can do to prepare and ensure you have the best possible experience.

  • Buy Your Tickets Early: WonderCon tickets tend to sell out quickly, so make sure to purchase yours as soon as they go on sale. You can typically buy tickets online through the official WonderCon website.
  • Plan Your Schedule: With so much going on at WonderCon, it’s important to plan out your schedule in advance. Take a look at the schedule of events and make note of the panels and screenings you want to attend.
  • Cosplay: WonderCon is the perfect place to show off your cosplay skills. Start planning your costume early and make sure to bring everything you need to make it look its best.

  • Bring Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be doing a lot of walking at WonderCon, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes that can handle long periods of standing.
  • Bring a Backpack: You’ll likely be collecting a lot of exclusive merchandise and free swag, so bring a backpack to carry everything in.
  • Bring Food & Drinks: You are able to bring food and drinks (non-alcoholic), so you will want to leave a little room in your backpack for lunch and/or snacks to keep you fueled through the day. Trust us, buying food and drinks can be a little pricey at a comic book convention.


WonderCon 2023 is shaping up to be an amazing event for comic book and pop culture fans. With its star-studded panels, exclusive merchandise, and exciting cosplay opportunities, there’s something for everyone at this convention. By following the tips in this article and planning ahead, you’ll be well on your way to having an unforgettable experience at WonderCon 2023.

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