It is finally time to announce the lucky winner of the My Comic Universe 1-Year Giveaway! It has been 1 year since we started My Comic Universe so we wanted to giveaway a bunch of awesome stuff to celebrate. This giveaway will feature comic books, Funko pops, movies, art and more!

Winning Prizes

Check out the winning prizes for the 1-Year Giveaway!

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1-Year Giveaway Winner

Watch the announcement of the Giveaway winner!

Watch the above video to find out if you won the giveaway! We will also email the winner asap to get their shipping address so we can mail out all the amazing prizes!

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Packing Up The Prizes

More Prizes?

OK so we only had one winner for this giveaway, but we are not done giving away awesome stuff! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram because next week will be doing some mini giveaways! This could be comic books, Funko Pops, or possibly both! Make sure to stay tuned next week!

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