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Action Comics #1000 from DC Comics is coming out April 2018! We are getting both a hardcover (April 11th) and an over-sized 80 page issue (April 18th). For the over-sized 80 page issue of Action Comics #1000, a ton of variant covers are starting to be announced! Action Comics #999 was just released which means we are very close to this mile-stone issue! We know there are a lot of variants for this issue so we here at My Comic Universe wanted compiled a list, with pictures & links, of as many Action Comics #1000 variant covers as we could find to make it easier on you to pick out your favorite cover.

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Variant Covers – Action Comics #1000

The first 10 variant covers on our list for Action Comics #1000 are available at most local comic book shops as a package. You can get all 10 covers for around $64.99 – $74.99, check your local comic shop for more information. These first 10 variants will have a cover price of $7.99 each.

After these first 10 variants, we will go over the other, more expensive variants and store exclusive variants for Action Comics #1000. You can order these first 10 covers individually or as a set online and at most comic book stores. Check your local comic shop for more details or you can check out Third Eye Comics for the bundle – Click Here! 

Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee & Scott Williams – Cover A


Action Comics #1000 Steve Rude 1930’s Variant – Cover B


Action Comics #1000 Michael Cho 1940’s Variant – Cover C

Action Comics #1000 Dave Gibbons 1950’s Variant – Cover D

Action Comics #1000 Michael Allred 1960’s Variant – Cover E

Action Comics #1000 Jim Steranko 1970’s Variant – Cover F

Action Comics #1000 Joshua Middleton 1980’s Variant – Cover G

Action Comics #1000 Dan Jurgens 1990’s Variant – Cover H

Action Comics #1000 Lee Bermejo 2000’s Variant – Cover I


Action Comics #1000 Blank Variant – Cover J

Store Exclusive Variants

Ok let’s go over some of the store exclusive variants that will be available for Action Comics #1000!

Midtown Comics – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Olivier Coipel

You can check out this cover from Midtown Comics by clicking here!
*Actual Cover Art not available yet, we will update this post once available.

Bulletproof Comix – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Gabriele Dell’Otto
Color Variant (3000 Print Run) and Virgin Variant (1500 Print Run) available.

You can check out this cover from Bulletproof Comics by clicking here!

Uncanny Comic Shop of Clermont, Florida – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Tony S. Daniel
Color Variant and Virgin Variant available (Discount Code: BLEEDINGCOOL25 – Good through March 12th for 25 % off the bundle)

You can check out this cover from Uncanny Comic Shop by clicking here!

Kings Comics of Sydney in Australia – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Nicola Scott & Annette Kwok
Awesome variant showing off all the different versions of Superman.

You can check out this cover from Kings Comics by clicking here!

Buy Me Toys – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant Set – Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Color Variant, Vintage Variant, and Line Art (b/w)
Artgerm has been coming out with so many amazing variants this past year, this one is definitely one to pick up!

You can check out this cover from Buy Me Toys by clicking here!

Yesteryear Comics of San Diego – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Jason Fabok

Click Here To Check Our Yesteryear Comics Facebook page for more info on this Fabok cover!

Third Eye Comics – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Kaare Andrews
Color Variant available

You can check out this cover from Third Eye Comics by clicking here!

Forbidden Planet – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Jock
Regular Color Variant – Limited to only 2500 copies. Virgin Variant also available.

You can check out this cover from Forbidden Planet by clicking here!

Summit Comics and Games – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – George Perez
Limited to only 2500 copies, Color Variant available
This is an interesting cover, very cartoony but looks great!

You can check out this cover from Summit Comics and Games by clicking here!

Unknown Comic Books – Action Comics #1000 Exclusive Variant – Tyler Kirkham

Available week of 3/19 for pre-order. We will update this post when more information is available.

Will also update with a better quality picture of the cover once available.

Click here you check out Unkn0wn Comic Books website where pre-order will be available soon.

Dynamic Forces Comics – Action Comics #1000 REMARKED – Ken Haeser

You can check out this cover on Dynamic Forces Comics by clicking here!

Let us know if we missed any variants for Action Comics #1000 by commented below! We also want to know what your favorite cover for Action Comics #1000, so comment below and let us know!

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